We are traveling east and try not to fly. If we can hitch a ride, we gladly would. Otherwise, we’ll find our way by bus or by train. We hope to meet many friendly people :-).

12-12-2017 Since April, we’re back in Berlin and everything ist going very well!

10-03-2017 We are back in old Europe 🙂 and head towards Zagreb from Belgrade today.
26-02-2017 Linda got rid of the Hijab, we’re now in Turkey!
20-02-2017 After travelling for days and hundreds of police checkposts between Pakistan and Iran, we are now in Teheran. So close to home already!
02-01-2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We rented a tiny apartment in Rishikesh for a month, the capital of yoga and we’ll do some…(wait for it)…yoga!
14-12-2016 Finally India, which almost seems relaxed after the chaotic Lahore. After sleeping in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, we are now all spiritual in MC Leod Ganj, where the Dalai Lama is living in exile.
24-11-2016 Still waiting for the Indian visa, but our couchsurfing host is taking us to Multan today to camp in the Cholistan desert.
15-11-2016 Visa again… the most annoying part of travelling. We try to get the Indian visa in Islamabad.
25-10-2016 We are in the breathtaking Hunza valley in Pakistan, enjoying the autumn colors.
15-09-2016 In China’s east, Qingdao, we could put our toes into the Pacific Ocean.
10-09-2016 We are in Beijing and just got back from hiking on the wild great wall. The wall is great!
25-08-2016 After a last night with our new Mongolian friends and their three bottles of Vodka, we crossed the Chinese border today!
15-08-2016 Mongolians are amazingly friendly to hitchhikers and crazy on the road in the city. We are in Ulan Bator and got the Chinese Visa!
03-08-2016 Yeah! Jeroen’s birthday! We’re back from Olkhon and celebrate in Irkutsk. Tomorrow we head towards Mongolia.
26-07-2016 Today we’ll be heading for Olkhon island in the Baikal lake to camp a couple of days.
17-07-2016 After a stay in the beautiful Altai Mountains, we got to Novosibirsk and try to get a ticket for the transsibirian train to Irkutsk.
28-06-2016 Today we’re leaving Barnaul for Chemal to volunteer in a language camp in the Altai mountains.